Now accepting Fall Items. Current Turnaround Time for Buys is 2 weeks or more.

Here are a few things we don't buy at Lollipop

Any Items in Poor Condition

Our first rule is that we accept items that our shoppers and their children love to wear!

Any items with stains, rips, pilling, fading or excessive use or wear are not accepted.

Discount Store Brands

Except for designer collaborations, we typically do not accept items from discount stores like 

Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Dollar General, etc.

Wedding & Formal Attire for Adults

We love fancy dresses for girls, but we do not currently accept formal wear or wedding attire 

in adult sizes.

Some Monogrammed Items

Single initials and common first names are great!

We do not accept three initial monograms and uncommon names or spellings. 

Dated or Out of Style Items

Some items are classics, but most of our

best selling clothing items were 

purchased within the last three years.

P.S. We love these shoes!


We just don't have the room!

Bassinets, swings and other baby items

are completely acceptable.