Interested in selling your items? Here's how to do it!

Clean Out


Clean out your closets!

Sort your awesome items you can no longer use.

Fill up a laundry basket, small plastic tote or shopping bag for Lollipop!

Prepare Your Items


We accept 1 laundry basket size drop off per week!

Check for stains, rips & excessive wear.

Match up outfits.

No black garbage bags please.

Bring Your Items to Us


We take items any time we are open

except rare occasions when we pause dropoffs due to seasonal changes or vacation.

We Do Our Magic


We will process your dropoff and let you know the amount we can pay you for items we accept.

This process takes 24 hours to up to 2 weeks.

Drop offs that choose to donate are sometimes processed faster.

Accept & Donate/PickUp "NTY" Items


Let us know that you accept your offer and either donate or come pick up any items we are unable to use.  We call these unaccepted items 

"No Thank You's" or NTY items.

Cash In & Start Over


Your balance can be used for store credit 

or cashed out anytime!

Start cleaning out again!

Buy Outright Drop Off Form

Also available in the store.